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  • Meguiar's All Purpose Cleaner 710ml
    Part No: G9624EU

    All Purpose Cleaner was developed in our professional line of products
    to help clean up the mess that soap and water can't remove. It removes
    the toughest dirt, grease and tar from both the inside and outside of your
    car. It is a quick and effective cleaner that is safe on all carpets and fabrics.

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  • Meguiar's Carpet & Interior Cleaner
    Part No: G9416EU

    Carpet & Interior Cleaner 473ml

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  • Meguiar's Convertible Top & Cabriolet Cleaner 450ml
    Part No: G2016EU

    Convertible & Cabriolet Cleaner provides quick, effective and easy cleaning of all
    canvas, cloth, mohair and vinyl tops. This dedicated cleaner safely removes
    contaminants and stubborn stains like hard water, bird droppings and oil without
    drying out convertible tops. Convertible & Cabriolet Cleaner cleans mildew stains
    and leaves a brightened, like-new appearance to ensure that your convertible top
    looks its best.

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  • Meguiar's Convertible Top Weatherproofer 340ml
    Part No: G2112EU

    Protect and preserve your convertible top with Convertible & Cabriolet Weatherproofer.
    This comprehensive formula creates a protective barrier that delivers long-lasting
    defence against UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, stains and more. Specially developed
    for use on canvas, cloth, mohair and vinyl tops, Convertible & Cabriolet Weatherproofer
    is the easy-to-use aerosol for convenience and to keep your convertible top looking like-new.

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  • Meguiar's Gold Class Shampoo & Conditioner
    Part No: G7116EU

    Luxurious lather and rich conditioners nourish your finish, and the brilliantly slick
    surface chases water off your paint, reducing drying time and leaving a
    shimmering gloss. ‘Molten magic’ is just one of the terms our customers have
    used to describe this remarkable product.

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  • Meguiar's Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner 710ml
    Part No: G9524EU

    With Meguiar’s Hot Rims All Wheel & Tyre Cleaner, you’ll actually see
    the grime lift off your wheels and tyres! Our Xtreme Cling™ foam is
    designed to cling vigorously to vertical surfaces and dissolves all
    contaminants from your wheels leaving a brilliant shine! Safe for
    all clear-coated wheels.

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  • Part No: G12619EU

    Advanced formulation and an exciting new look – a killer combo! Our expertise in Engineered Synthetic Polymers (ESP) has provided us with the technology to create a completely synthetic car wash concentrate that loosens and emulsifies even the toughest dirt and road grime while synthetic lubricating oils glide them off of the surface without marring the finish. Engineered water softeners help reduce deposits in hard water, leaving behind a spot-free finish.

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    Part No: G12718EU

    Enhanced with Hydrophobic Polymer Technology™, NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 provides relentless water beading and protection against oxidation, corrosion, UV rays and surface degradation. “Hydrophobic” means water-fearing, and the synthetic polymers in Tech Wax 2.0 increase surface tension, creating a barrier that makes water bead up and glide right off, wash after wash. The result is a dramatically slick finish, fewer and taller water beads when the vehicle gets wet and increased protection from dust, dirt and other contaminants. NXT Generation® Tech Wax® 2.0 features a new, technologically advanced formula that glides on and wipes off effortlessly, producing unbelievably deep, vibrant colour and a stunning wet-look shine.

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  • Quick Detailer 473ml for enhanced gloss
    Part No: A3316EU

    Quik Detailer is the missing link between washes. Simply spray on and wipe off with a Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Microfibre or a 100% cotton terry towel. Quik Detailer removes contaminants safely without scratching your paint. It is no wonder Quik Detailer is quickly becoming a favourite with owners of the UK’s best show cars.

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  • Part No: G10307EU
    Meguiar’s for isolated scratch and scuff removal, ScratchX 2.0. This new formula has been specifically developed for hand application to quickly remove isolated scratches, fingernail marks, paint transfer and parking lot scuffs. Unique micro-abrasives correct these defects fast and are completely clear coat safe. Not just a “cover-up”, ScratchX 2.0 is a special formulation designed to completely remove scratches, ensuring that once they are gone, they stay gone!
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  • Ultimate Compound for perfect paint prep 450ml
    Part No: G17216EU

    Ultimate Compound for perfect paint prep quickly removes stubborn oxidation
    while polishing the surface to a mirror finish unlike traditional rubbing and
    polishing compounds that scour the surface, our new clear coat safe micro
    abrasives produce an amazingly clear finish that is free from scratches,hazing
    and swirls. Whether working by hand or with a DA polisher,ultimate compound
    is the perfect choice to prepare your paints surface for your favourite Meguiar's wax




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  • Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax 473ml
    Part No: G18216EU

    Meguiar’s Ultimate, our bar is simply higher. This is our most advanced,
    pure synthetic hydrophobic wax which offers our longest lasting protection.
    New synthetic polymers crosslink to form a protective barrier that amplifies
    reflections for incredible depth & mirror-like shine, without leaving white
    residue on plastic and rubber. Meguiar’s Thin Film technology makes application
    and wipe-off effortless, even in full sun!

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  • For a Fast Wax That Lasts 450ml
    Part No: G17516EU

    Meguiar’s Hydrophobic Polymer Technology™ is now available in an
    easy to use spray wax. Ultimate Quik Wax is the perfect solution for
    maintaining your paint’s protection in between regular waxing. This
    new technology can even be applied in direct sunlight and leaves no white
    residue on plastic and trim. Simply mist on and wipe off. So fast and easy
    that you can wax your car in just minutes! The protection and relentless
    water beading, however, lasts for weeks.

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  • Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax 473ml
    Part No: G17716EU

    Ultimate Wash & Wax is the perfect way to clean and shine your car’s finish
    in-between regular waxing, boosting your protection, glossiness and shine!
    Meguiar’s premium carnauba wax and synthetic polymers provide protection
    and shine while you wash. Ultimate Wash & Wax is compatible with all
    Meguiar’s wash and waxes.

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  • Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere 768ML
    Part No: G3626EU

    Perfect for urban dwellers of those with limited access to water. Ultimate Wash
    & Wax Anywhere safely lifts away dirt and grime while leaving behind a protective
    layer of hydrophobic wax. In as little as 15 minutes, this new formula can change
    a drab and dirty appearance into a stunning, clean & shiny car, without a drop of
    water. What's more, depending on how dirty the car is , a single bottle, along with
    the help of a few microfibre towels can wash & wax up to five average sized cars.

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